Setting up promotion groups

All promotions belong to promotion groups. Before setting up a new promotion, you must create a group for it to live under.

Create a new promotion group 

To create a new group—

  1. Click Library on the left-side navigation 

  2. Click Promotions 

  1. Click Create promotion group in the top-right corner

  1. Type a descriptive Promotion group name 

  2. Select your preferred Billing method from the drop-down 

  1. Click Next

Next steps

Once your promotion group is created and in order to launch, you must create at least 1 promotion. Learn more about setting up promotions.  

Your promotion group goes live on the start date, usually by 12am PST. We provide several key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to help you understand how your promotions perform. Learn more about managing and measuring promotions.