Shoppable video ad creative guidelines

Use these guidelines when adding creative assets to your display ad groups. Learn more about setting up shoppable video ads.

Video guidelines

File format
  • .MP4 or .MOV


  • Minimum: 3 seconds

  • Maximum: 30 seconds

  • Mobile: 16:9

  • Desktop: 16:9


Maximum: 500 MB

Frames per second (FPS) 

Minimum: 15 FPS

Thumbnail image (shown to your target audience before the video plays)
  • Use the built-in cropping tool to adjust the width and height of your image.

  • Minimum dimensions: 1067x600 px wide

  • Maximum dimensions: 1600x900 px wide

  • Maximum size: 10MB

  • Ratio: 16:9 

  • JPG or PNG file


Maximum: 29 characters


NOTE: Use a version of your logo that fits in a small circle.

Logos are cropped into a 40px circle. Corners are cropped on any assets that aren’t round. Leave a small amount of space around the artwork to prevent cropping. If the artwork is already a circle, don’t leave extra space.

Avoid using logos with a tagline or extra text, as they aren't legible.

File format
  • JPG or PNG
  • Mobile: 120x120

  • Desktop: 120x120

  • Mobile: 1:1

  • Desktop: 1:1