Introduction to advertising on Instacart

Instacart Ads help brands attract and engage customers at every stage of the shopping journey, from initial keyword search and aisle browsing through checkout. We share real attributed sales results with advertisers using closed-loop reporting for brands of all sizes.

Instacart advertising helps—

  • Increase awareness

  • Drive better business outcomes

  • Entice product trials

  • Boost sales and category share

We offer a combination of ad formats and tactics to achieve different advertising objectives. Learn more about campaign objectives.

Ad formats

Based on your brand’s objectives, we provide various ad formats to best target customers.  

Display ads 

Display ads include banners that can be placed across discovery surfaces – from browsing storefronts, departments, and aisles.

Mobile view

Desktop view

Shoppable display ads

Shoppable display ads spotlight your brand imagery with a bundle of items to inspire complementary purchases and shape new basket-building habits. 

Shoppable display ads show in customers’ search results.

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Shoppable video

Shoppable video can adapt to different objectives when combined with different tactics. For example, shoppable video is a great option for reach-based objectives if shown in high-visibility placements. Shoppable video can also serve engagement-based objectives when shown to customers in high-intent moments.

Shoppable video ads show in customers’ search results.

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Sponsored products

Sponsored product ads highlight your product throughout the consumer journey. Consumers see sponsored product ads on the Instacart homepage, in search results, and while browsing, among other places. Sponsored product ads work best for sales-based objectives. 

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Pages are shoppable destinations where consumers can continue their journey with your brand, all the way to their cart. They’re shoppable and provide a unique URL for easy linking. You can drive traffic from 3rd party media and on-platform display campaigns.

API endpoints

Instacart Ads provides a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) you can use to set up, optimize, and report on your advertising campaigns. You can create and manage ad campaigns by—

  • Setting budgets and cost-per-click (CPC) bids

  • Defining the product(s) you want to feature

  • Adding keywords

  • Retrieving performance data and analytics. 

API endpoints can return relevant data Instacart Ads calculates and tracks, empowering you with the right information to make smart decisions about ad spend and campaign effectiveness.

Learn more about API.