Updating your product library

Your product library contains all of the products on Instacart that we can associate to your brand. After claiming your brand, you can add and remove products and edit product information to promote consistency across multiple retailers. Please note, we only show UPCs that retailers sell on their virtual stores on Instacart.

We designed this tool for advertisers who don’t use a content service provider (CSP) to manage their product content. If you use a CSP, you can continue using it. Contact your account manager to switch from using a CSP to using your product library in Ads Manager.

Click the shapes icon from the menu on the top-left side of the screen to open your product library.

Claim your brand

Our internal database attributes products to brands. In order to access your product library, you must claim a brand so we know which products are yours. 

You can’t claim multiple brands, however, you can claim a company that manages multiple brands. 

The first time you open your product library, it prompts you to set up your brand. To do this—

  1. Click Start brand setup

  1. Click Get started

  1. Enter a few of your own UPCs and click Submit

We’ll get back to you via email within 5 business days of submitting your request.

Add products

Your product library auto-populates with the products we’ve attributed to your brand. However, some products might be missing.

You can add products to your library to let us know they belong to your brand. To do this—

  1. Click Add more products in the top-right corner of the product library.

  1. Choose the brand you want to add products to.

  1. Enter each product’s UPC on its own line. Then click Submit.

We’ll review your submitted changes and either approve or reject them. It can take up to 3 business days for the new products to appear in your library.

Please note, adding a product to your library doesn’t automatically include it in your ad campaigns. To run an ad on a product, you must add that product to a sponsored product ad group, a display ad group, or a shoppable display ad group.

Remove products

You can remove products that don’t belong to your brand from your product library. Please note, this doesn’t remove the product from Instacart.

To remove products from your library—

  1. Click the x next to a product.

  1. Type in your reason for deleting the product, and click Remove.

  1. A notification appears in the bottom left corner confirming the product is no longer in your library. Note, this doesn't disconnect the product from your brand's taxonomy.

Edit products

Retailers enter product details when adding products to their Instacart catalogs. These details can vary from retailer to retailer. You can edit a product in your library to more accurately reflect product information across multiple retailers.

Please note, your edits might not show up on all retailers’ storefronts. Some retailers may prioritize their own data over the data you provide.

You can edit the following attributes—

  • Brand name

  • Product name

  • Size

  • Unit of measurement

  • Unit count

  • Unit type

  • Details (product description)

  • Ingredients

  • Warnings

  • Directions

  • Dietary attributes (e.g., vegan, gluten free, kosher, etc.)

  • Product and lifestyle photos

To edit products in your library—

  1. Click the pencil icon next to a product.

Note: If the pencil is grayed out, this means the product has a preferred CSP assigned. Reach out to your Account Manager to get help removing ID so you can edit the product.

  1. Type in a new brand or product name, if applicable.

  1. Click Edit next to any section to edit it.

  1. Click Submit in the upper-right corner. 

Products must meet the following guidelines—

UPC (the product’s unique identifier)
Include the UPC number related to your product
Brand name
  • Proper case is preferred unless brand’s trademark is in all 1 case. 

  • Don’t include special characters (ex. © or ™).

Product name
  • The title of the product, may include a sub-brand, flavors, and significant dietary attributes (ex. gluten-free, vegan, organic, kosher).

  • Don’t include the size.

  • Don’t include special characters (ex. © or ™).

  • This isn’t a lengthy description of the product.

Product specification and quantity (required unless otherwise noted)

  • Size

  • Unit of measure

  • Unit count

  • OPTIONAL: Unit type

Specify size displays as [(Unit Count) x (Size Value + Size UOM)].

Product images—

  • Main

  • Nutritional panel

  • Side left, right, and back

  • Supplement facts

  • Ingredients

  • Lifestyle

  • Accepted file types: JPG, JPEG, PNG.

  • Ideal resolution: 1000 x 1000 px at 300 ppi.

  • Aspect ratio: 1x1 (square).

  • Maximum file size: 3 MB.

  • The photo must show the actual in-store product.

  • Product is on a clear, transparent, or white background.

  • Product is in focus with crisp edges.

  • Product has accurate/realistic color.

  • Product fills 85% or more of the image area.

  • No additional text or graphics in the photo.

Product statuses

Your product library shows a status for each product.

You might see any of the following statuses—


No submissions for this product. 


Your updates are submitted and sent to our team for review. 

In review

Your updates are under review to ensure they meet our guidelines.


Your submission is approved but your updates aren’t live yet. It can take 48 hours to publish and change the status to Completed. 


Instacart Ads didn’t approve your product update(s). 

If we reject your update(s), we provide error message(s) and send you an email explaining why. You can review the product’s feedback within the library tool.


Once complete, your products generally update on the storefront within 48 hours.

Some of the most common reasons we reject product updates—

  • The image doesn’t match the on-shelf appearance.

    • Make sure the image you’re submitting accurately represents how the product looks on the shelf.

  • The image contains additional text or graphics.

    • Images should be clear and free from any additional text or graphics. Review your images to make sure they only showcase the product.

  • You included product attributes in the product name.  

    • If your product name includes various attributes, these should be delineated by commas.

  • The reported unit type/size type and the actual product don’t match.

    • The reported unit or size of the product needs to match the actual product. Double-check these details before submitting.

Reach out to ads-help@instacart.com if you have more questions about your product update status.